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John Tooze, VP of scientific and facility operations, retires

John Tooze, known as much for his wry British wit as for the immense role he’s had in shaping the university’s scientific infrastructure over the last eight years, retired from his position as vice president of scientific and facility operations in May 2013. Dr. Tooze leaves a lasting mark on the university, having directed the construction of the Collaborative Research Center, the expansion and modernization of the animal research facility and the restoration of Welch Hall, among other projects.

Carolina in his mind

Assistant Director of Security Michael John leaves after 31 years



Heading south. Michael John’s new house, in Wake Forest, North Carolina, during its construction. Mr. John’s wife, Martha, has been living there since 2005.

The Monday morning commute can be arduous enough within city limits, but when you’re traveling 411 miles, it’s an epic journey. It’s also a trip that Michael John, assistant director of security, has been making regularly for the last two years. His commute this month, however, will be his last. Mr. John is retiring from Rockefeller University after 31 years to move to Wake Forest, North Carolina, and the new home he has built there with his wife.

Mr. John joined Rockefeller as a maintenance clerk in March 1977, one month after arriving in the United States from his native Trinidad and Tobago. He joined the Office of Security that summer, as a guard on the night shift, and moved to the day shift one year later. He was promoted to sergeant in 1987, lieutenant in 1988, captain in 1990, operations manager in 1999, and in May 2007, Mr. John became assistant director of security. More