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’08 budget devotes record $183 million to research


Rockefeller’s operating budget this fiscal year has increased by 4.7 percent over last year but remains balanced, anticipating a modest surplus of $400,000 by the time the books close in June 2008. “Despite the projected loss of some federal grant revenue this year, the budget remains stable due to an increase in private grant awards and increased endowment spending,” says James Lapple, vice president for finance. “The university has also been able to increase its hard dollar support to the laboratories in excess of $4.5 million over the previous year.” More

Fundraising campaign passes $400 million mark


After a record-setting year ending in June 2006, new gifts recorded in the past few months have pushed Rockefeller’s seven-year Campaign for Collaborative Science closer to its goal of bringing in $500 million to pay for initiatives outlined in the strategic plan. At present, $418 million has been contributed to the campaign, which was officially launched July 1, 2003. More