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Robert Darnell named president of New York Genome Center

Genomic infrastructure. Architectural rendering of the outside of the New York Genome Center’s new facility at 101 Avenue of the Americas (top); Dr. Darnell (bottom).Sometime during the last decade, as he developed technology to explore the role of RNA in neurological disease, Robert B. Darnell realized that the talented, highly educated molecular biologists in his lab were spending more and more of their time doing something that they had never been trained to do: processing computational data. The price of sequencing was falling and the amount of information being generated was staggering. If their work was going to proceed at the pace Dr. Darnell wanted it to, he was going to need a new kind of assistance.

Neuroscientist Mary Hynes named research associate professor

Marc Tessier-Lavigne’s arrival at Rockefeller means the addition of not one, but two active neuroscience research programs to campus. This summer, Mary Hynes — Dr. Tessier-Lavigne’s wife and a well regarded neuroscientist in her own right — will relocate from Stanford. As research associate professor, she will investigate the development of the key cells targeted by Parkinson’s disease: dopaminergic neurons.

High honors for Friedman, Fuchs

The scientific community’s spotlight was focused on Rockefeller University at the start of this academic year when two faculty members — Marilyn M. Simpson Professor Jeffrey M. Friedman and Rebecca C. Lancefield Professor Elaine Fuchs — each received two highly prestigious prizes. In June, Dr. Friedman received the Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine and in September he was awarded a share of the Keio Medical Science Prize, one of Japan’s highest scientific awards. Last month, United States President Barack Obama presented Dr. Fuchs with the National Medal of Science, the nation’s highest scientific honor, and she was also awarded the L’Oréal-UNESCO Award in Life Sciences, which honors exceptional women scientists. More