Current Issue: October 5, 2012

Following in dad’s footsteps

100512-pansini-webFrank Pansini has done stone setting work all over New York City, but restoring the marble path in front of Caspary has a special meaning for him — it’s the same path his father put in place 50 years ago. Mr. Pansini, owner of U.S. Stone Setting, Inc., was hired by Turner Construction to restore the marble after it was damaged by construction vehicles used in building the CRC.



C. David Allis, a grant from the Caring for Carcinoid Foundation, for research on tumor suppressor activities of ATRX and Daxx mutations through epigenomic profiling and animal models. Dr. Allis, the Joy and Jack Fishman Professor and head of the Laboratory of Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics, will collaborate with scientists at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center on the $450,000, two-year project.