C. David Allis, the 2011 Lewis S. Rosenstiel Award for Distinguished Work in Basic Medical Science from Brandeis University. He shares the prize with Michael Grunstein, a professor of biological chemistry in the Geffen School of Medicine and the Molecular Biology Institute at UCLA, for establishing “the key molecular connections between histones, histone modifications and chromatin structure and their effect on the regulation of gene transcription.” The award will be presented at Brandeis on April 14, 2011. Dr. Allis is the Joy and Jack Fishman Professor and head of the Laboratory of Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics.

Attallah Kappas, the Lillian Wald Award from the Visiting Nurse Service of New York. Named in honor of the founder of the Visiting Nurse Service, the award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the health and welfare of others. Dr. Kappas, who is Sherman Fairchild Professor and Physician-in-Chief Emeritus of The Rockefeller University Hospital, is also a member of the board of directors of the Visiting Nurse Service. The award was presented November 11 at the Service’s 2010 benefit.

Anne Schaefer, a Young Investigator Award from the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression. NARSAD Young Investigators receive up to $60,000 over two years to fund “proof of concept” research that scientists can leverage for additional grants. Dr. Schaefer, a senior research associate in the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, studies the epigenetic mechanisms of mood regulation.


Robert B. Darnell and Victor Wilson, fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world’s largest general scientific society. Fellows of AAAS are elected by their peers in recognition of scientifically or socially distinguished efforts to advance science or its applications. Dr. Darnell is Robert and Harriet Heilbrunn Professor and head of the Laboratory of Molecular Neuro-oncology as well as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator; Dr. Wilson is professor emeritus and head of the Laboratory of Neurophysiology.

Promoted (academic appointments):
Lance Langston, to research associate, O’Donnell Lab.
Alison North, to research associate professor, Office of Academic Affairs.
Can Pham, to research associate, Steller Lab.


Hiroshi Abe, postdoctoral associate, Gilbert Lab.
Melissa Aillaud, research assistant, Casanova Lab.
Deborah Beck, research assistant, Vosshall Lab.
James Belarde, research assistant, Greengard Lab.
Annika Borrmann, foreign research intern, Sakmar Lab.
Regina Butler, clinical research nurse, Hospital Nursing Inpatient.
Joseph Cagno, manager, intellectual property, Technology Transfer.
Giuseppe Cataldo, research assistant, Pfaff Lab.
Lance Coleman, animal attendant, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Laura Corredor, animal health technician I, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Martin Elias Costa, visiting student, White and Levy Center for Mind Brain and Behavior.
Andre Eichert, postdoctoral associate, Blobel Lab.
Paola Emhardt, animal technician, Heintz Lab.
Linda Feighery, postdoctoral fellow, Mucida Lab.
Angelica Ferguson, research assistant, Hang Lab.
Brenna Flatley, research assistant, Rice Lab.
Maria Garcia-Fernandez, visiting fellow, Steller Lab.
Elizabeth Garner, postdoctoral associate, Smogorzewska Lab.
Maria Genander, postdoctoral fellow, Fuchs Lab.
Jeffrey Glassberg, visiting fellow, Coller Lab.
Sylvie Goldman, visiting fellow, Pfaff Lab.
Keith Gonzales, visiting fellow, McEwen Lab.
W. Vallen Graham, postdoctoral associate, Sakmar Lab.
Richard Hite, postdoctoral associate, MacKinnon Lab.
Hans-Heinrich Hoffmann, postdoctoral associate, Rice Lab.
Kevin Johnson, medical staff services coordinator, Hospital Regulatory Affairs.
Daniel Keenan, visiting professor, Pfaff Lab.
Guillaume Lafforgue, visiting student, Chua Lab.
Sonia Legister, nursing assistant, Hospital Nursing Inpatient.
Antonio Luz, research support assistant, High Throughput Screening Resource Center.
Gaby Maimon, assistant professor, Maimon Lab.
Inbal Maniv, research assistant, Marraffini Lab.
Christopher Melnik, mechanic II, Plant Operations Power House.
Juanita Merritt, animal health technician I, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Yuko Nakajima, postdoctoral associate, Kapoor Lab.
Catherine Oikonomou, postdoctoral associate, Fred Cross Lab.
Robin Perez-Medina, data network technician, Information Technology.
Kinning Poon, postdoctoral associate, Leibowitz Lab.
Susan Powell, CBC supervisor, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Beili Quan, postdoctoral associate, Blobel Lab.
Robert Ralston, visiting scientist, Rice Lab.
Jose Ramirez, project assistant, Planning and Construction.
Jonathan Saragosti, postdoctoral associate, Leibler Lab.
Danae Erika Schulz, postdoctoral associate, Papavasiliou Lab.
Anna Serrano, research assistant, Fischetti Lab.
Theodoros Sklaviadis, member of the adjunct faculty, Papavasiliou Lab.
Katja Stehfest, visiting fellow, Sakmar Lab.
Milica Tesic Mark, research support specialist, Proteomics Resource Center.
Kaye Thomas, research support specialist, Bio-Imaging Resource Center.
Tao Tong, research support specialist, Bio-Imaging Resource Center.
Jordi Villa Fontes, visiting student, Smogorzewska Lab.
Melanie von Schimmelmann, postdoctoral associate, Greengard Lab.
Laura Votey, development assistant I, Development.
Sean Wallace, postdoctoral associate, Shaham Lab.
Daniel Weinstein, member of the adjunct faculty, Brivanlou Lab.
Louise Weston, postdoctoral associate, Nurse Lab.
Mireille Williams Sharp, development assistant I, Development.
Benjamin Winer, research assistant, Fischetti Lab.
Yingpu Yu, postdoctoral associate, Rice Lab.