Jan L. Breslow, the 2010 Research Achievement Award from the American Heart Association. Dr. Breslow is Frederick Henry Leonhardt Professor and head of the Laboratory of Biochemical Genetics and Metabolism. The award was presented November 14 at an American Heart Association meeting in Chicago.

Marguerite Mangin, a Legion d’Honneur from France, the country’s highest decoration. Dr. Mangin, academic programs director in the President’s Office and a senior research associate in Thomas P. Sakmar’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Biochemstry, received the award from Paul Nurse, himself a recipient of the Legion d’Honneur, at the French Consulate in New York on November 23.


Jeffrey M. Friedman and Elaine Fuchs, to associate members of the European Molecular Biology Organization, which promotes excellence in and helps shape the direction of molecular life sciences in Europe. Dr. Friedman is Marilyn M. Simpson Professor and head of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics; Dr. Fuchs is Rebecca C. Lancefield Professor and head of the Laboratory of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development. Seven current members of the university’s faculty are now EMBO members.


Man and Woman: An Inside Story, by Donald W. Pfaff. The book, a description of how genetic and environmental factors produce small sex differences in certain abilities and huge sex differences in feelings, in pain and in suffering, suggests that gender roles operate at many different levels to influence behavioral mechanisms. Dr. Pfaff is head of the Laboratory of Neurobiology and Behavior.

Promoted (academic appointments):

Rossana Henriques, to research associate, Chua Lab.


Alexander Abadir, research assistant, Nussenzweig Lab.
Angelie Aldeguer, research assistant, Fuchs Lab.
William Bachmann, executive assistant, Investments.
Michal Domanski, visiting student, Rout Lab.
Jie Fan, postdoctoral associate, Blobel Lab.
Yaron Fuchs, postdoctoral associate, Steller Lab.
Christian Gaebler, visiting student, Ravetch Lab.
Yuval Itan, postdoctoral associate, Casanova Lab.
Natalia Ketaren, postdoctoral associate, Rout Lab.
Grant Martin, research assistant, Greengard Lab.
Zahrah Masheeb, research assistant, McEwen Lab.
Marian Mellen, postdoctoral associate, Heintz Lab.
Manuel Mueller, postdoctoral fellow, Muir Lab.
Thiago Oliveira, visiting student, Ravetch Lab.
Rita Pfeifer, foreign research intern, Steinman Lab.
Mark Rinaldi, human resources assistant, Human Resources.
Kathleen Rutkin, grants management specialist, Sponsored Research and Program Development.
William Schneider, postdoctoral associate, Rice Lab.
Lauren Sinnenberg, study coordinator, Steinman Lab.
Selamawit Tadesse, research support associate, Flow Cytometry Resource Center.
Angela Teixeira, research assistant, Steinman Lab.
Gianna Triller, foreign research intern, Papavasiliou Lab.
Kathaliya Wongsatittham, assistant to the associate vice president, Research Support.
David Wynne, postdoctoral associate, Funabiki Lab.