Current Issue: December 3, 2010

New security measures to address recent computer thefts

A series of recent criminal incidents on Rockefeller’s campus this fall, one of which resulted in a breach of sensitive data, has led the university’s administration to tighten security at the 64th Street gate, plug holes in its surveillance network and formalize an existing data ownership policy. The incidents, all three of which involved unauthorized individuals entering campus, resulted in the thefts of computers and cash; there were no injuries.

Interdisciplinary retreats bring Rockefeller labs together on research

retreatsLast month, the heads of 11 Rockefeller laboratories and researchers working in them gathered at a conference center in Tarrytown, New York, for a weekend retreat focused on genome integrity. From mass spectroscopy to cell cycle and telomere maintenance studies, the scientists shared their expertise, hoping to gain insight from different perspectives that could inform work in their respective fields or launch new collaborations.

Karolinska collaboration program is revived

The university has restarted a dormant program begun in the early 1980s to fund exchanges between Rockefeller University and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Under the terms of new agreements signed with Karolinska in June, selected postdocs and technical staff from Rockefeller will be able to travel to Sweden for experimental work and training, and a lecture program will be established that will fund travel for Rockefeller and Karolinska faculty members to speak at each other’s institutions.