Jean-Laurent Casanova, a Grand Challenges Explorations grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The $100,000 grant is one of 78 announced by the foundation in May to support scientists exploring bold and largely unproven ways to improve health in developing countries. Dr. Casanova is head of the St. Giles Laboratory of Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases.

Paul Greengard, the Karolinska Institute’s Bicentennial Gold Medal, to be issued during the Swedish medical university’s 200th anniversary celebrations. The award recognizes an individual not permanently located at the Karolinska Institute who has contributed to and achieved acknowledged eminence in the university’s activities. Dr. Greengard, Vincent Astor Professor and head of the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, received the prize on September 23 at the residence of the Swedish ambassador to the U.S.

Jürg Ott, the 2010 William Allan Award from the American Society of Human Genetics. The prize, which is the society’s top honor, is presented annually to recognize an individual for substantial contributions to human genetics carried out over a lifetime of scientific inquiry. The award, including a medal and $10,000, will be presented on November 4 in Washington, D.C. Dr. Ott is emeritus professor and head of the Laboratory of Statistical Genetics.

Robert G. Roeder, the 2010 Salk Institute Medal for Research Excellence. The award honors Dr. Roeder’s contributions to the understanding of RNA synthesis in animal cells. Dr. Roeder is Arnold and Mabel Beckman Professor and head of the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The medal will be awarded on October 29 at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California.


Winrich Freiwald, a 2010 Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences. Freiwald, head of the Laboratory of Neural Systems, will receive $240,000 in funding over four years. He is one of 21 Pew Scholars named this year.

Paul Nurse, “the most important person in British science,” according to a list compiled by Eureka, the monthly science magazine of London’s The Times. The scientists in the inaugural Eureka 100, billed as a guide to the most important contemporary figures in British science, were chosen by a panel of scientists and journalists. Dr. Nurse is president and head of the Laboratory of Yeast Genetics and Cell Biology.

Agnel Sfeir, a finalist in the fourth annual Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists. Established by the New York Academy of Sciences and the Blavatnik Charitable Foundation to recognize the contributions of young scientists and engineers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, the program awards finalists between $5,000 and $10,000. The winners in each category, to be announced in November, will receive an additional $10,000 to $15,000 respectively. Dr. Sfeir is a postdoc in Titia de Lange’s Laboratory of Cell Biology and Genetics.


Robert B. Darnell and Titia de Lange, to the Institute of Medicine, the health branch of the National Academy of Sciences. Drs. Darnell and de Lange are among 65 new members and five foreign associates to be elected this year, and are recognized for “demonstrating outstanding professional achievement and commitment to service.” Dr. Darnell is Robert and Harriet Heilbrunn Professor and head of the Laboratory of Molecular Neuro-oncology; Dr. de Lange is Leon Hess Professor and head of the Laboratory of Cell Biology and Genetics. Sixteen current members of the university’s faculty are now members of the Institute of Medicine.

Promoted (academic appointments):

Paul Bieniasz
, to professor, head of laboratory, Bieniasz Lab.
Marc-Werner Dobenecker, to senior research associate, Tarakhovsky Lab.


Alexandre Alcais, visiting professor, Casanova Lab.
Tashanna Allen, outpatient unit coordinator, Hospital Nursing Outpatient.
Dany Arango, animal attendant, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Lizzie Atomi Pamen, research support assistant, High Throughput Screening Resource Center.
Brian Bae, postdoctoral associate, Darst Lab.
Adesh Bajnath, laboratory technician, Pfaff Lab.
Mehrpouya Balaghy Mobin, foreign research intern, Tuschl Lab.
Aubrey Barbosa, assistant teacher, Child and Family Center.
Hourinaz Behesti Isfahani, postdoctoral associate, Hatten Lab.
Daniel Belkin, visiting medical student, Krueger Lab.
Julia Berthet, research assistant, Tavazoie Lab.
Meredith Betterton, visiting assistant professor, Siggia Lab.
Matthew Bick, postdoctoral associate, Darst Lab.
Mykhailo Borysov, computer programmer, Freiwald Lab.
Stylianos Bournazos, postdoctoral associate, Ravetch Lab.
Lucas Brane, laboratory technician, Steinman Lab.
Stephen Brohawn, postdoctoral associate, MacKinnon Lab.
Jordan Brown, research assistant, Ravetch Lab.
Jens Caap Hallgren, visiting student, Pfaff Lab.
Jaqueline Carroll, research assistant, Ravetch Lab.
Christina Caserio, research support assistant, Genomics Resource Center.
Murat Cevher, postdoctoral associate, Roeder Lab.
Praveen Chatani, research assistant, McEwen Lab.
Shasha Chen, research assistant, Kreek Lab.
Pak Cho, postdoctoral associate, Steller Lab.
Revathy Chottekalapanda, postdoctoral associate, Greengard Lab.
Joel Cohen-Solal, scientific editor, Rockefeller University Press.
Stephen Conway, research assistant, Vosshall Lab.
Kathleen Cook, visiting fellow, Fuchs Lab.
Rita Devine, nursing clinical operations manager, Hospital Nursing Administration.
Alexandra DeWitt, research assistant, Breslow Lab.
Chad Euler, postdoctoral associate, Fischetti Lab.
Jean Falconer, development assistant I, Development.
Marshall Fordyce, instructor in clinical investigation, Ho Lab.
Scott Forth, postdoctoral associate, Kapoor Lab.
Nathan Franck, research assistant, Fischetti Lab.
Sebastien Frey, foreign research intern, Tuschl Lab.
Joanna Ganowiak, visiting student, Pfaff Lab.
Pedro Garrido Vega, visiting fellow, McEwen Lab.
Ron Gejman, research assistant, Tarakhovsky Lab.
Conrad Gleber, research assistant, Brady Lab.
Chloe Goldman, research assistant, Vosshall Lab.
Elvis Golja, mechanic II, Plant Operations Power House.
Andres Gottfried, visiting fellow, McEwen Lab.
Jerome Graber, visiting fellow, Robert Darnell Lab.
Denise Oliveira Guimaraes, visiting fellow, Brady Lab.
Louise Hansen, visiting student, Sakmar Lab.
Asma Hatoum, postdoctoral associate, Marraffini Lab.
Doowon Huh, research assistant, Tavazoie Lab.
Ismail Ismailoglu, postdoctoral associate, Brivanlou Lab.
Mitsuhiro Ito, member of the adjunct faculty, Roeder Lab.
Ali Jabbari, visiting fellow, Krueger Lab.
Abdulai Jalloh, animal attendant, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Tamika Johnson, animal attendant, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Alia Kamal, research assistant, Rout Lab.
Neeraj Kapoor, postdoctoral associate, Sakmar Lab.
Shirin Kasturia, research assistant, Greengard Lab.
Erica Keen, postdoctoral associate, Friedman Lab.
Milene Kennedy, visiting medical student, Krueger Lab.
Molly Kottemann, postdoctoral fellow, Smogorzewska Lab.
Andrew Krutchinsky, senior research associate, Chait Lab.
Anita Kulukian, postdoctoral fellow, Fuchs Lab.
Michael Laha, research assistant, Rice Lab.
Pak Kin Lee, postdoctoral associate, MacKinnon Lab.
Tiffany Lee, visiting student, McEwen Lab.
Katherine Leon, research assistant, Darst Lab.
Rebecca Leshan, postdoctoral associate, Pfaff Lab.
Danielle Little, laboratory helper, Brivanlou Lab.
Barbara Maier, foreign research intern, Rice Lab.
Shmuel Malkin, member of the adjunct faculty, Mauzerall Lab.
Seyed-Ehnahal Mansoorizangir, research assistant, Casanova Lab.
Ane Marquina, visiting student, Rout Lab.
Luciano Marraffini, assistant professor, head of laboratory, Marraffini Lab.
Mukul Mathur, grants management specialist, Sponsored Research and Program Development.
Larissa Mattei, research assistant, Strickland Lab.
Benjamin Matthews, postdoctoral fellow, Vosshall Lab.
Brandan Mayer-Blackwell, research assistant, Kreek Lab.
Ian Maze, postdoctoral associate, Allis Lab.
Kelly McLees, university print production specialist, Communications and Public Affairs.
Justin McManus, postdoctoral associate, Gilbert Lab.
Alexander Meyer, visiting student, Coller Lab.
James Miller, postdoctoral associate, McEwen Lab.
Melinda Miller, postdoctoral associate, McEwen Lab.
Jana Mitchell, visiting student, Blobel Lab.
Marcela Moncada Velez, visiting student, Casanova Lab.
Michael Moore, postdoctoral fellow, Robert Darnell Lab.
Mary Beth Moorefield, senior research associate, Konarska Lab.
Daniel Mucida, assistant professor, head of laboratory, Mucida Lab.
David Murphy, research assistant, Hatten Lab.
Golam Nabi, security guard, Security.
Fumiaki Nin, postdoctoral associate, Hudspeth Lab.
Tiffany Nivare, laboratory manager, Casanova Lab.
Daibhid O Maoileidigh, postdoctoral associate, Hudspeth Lab.
Javier Ocasio, mechanic III, Plant Operations Power House.
Maria-Eleni Papaioannou, postdoctoral associate, Brivanlou Lab.
Kristine Parks, animal attendant, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Lucy Petro, research assistant, Freiwald Lab.
Sarah Pickett, research assistant, Heintz Lab.
James Pring, laboratory technician, Steinman Lab.
Sahand Jamal Rahi, fellow, Center for Studies  in Physics and Biology.
Nina Rapaport, teacher, Child and Family Center.
Skye Rasmussen, assistant director, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Sarmistha Ray-Saha, postdoctoral associate, Sakmar Lab.
Assaf Raz, postdoctoral associate, Fischetti Lab.
Boojala Vijay Reddy, senior research associate, Brady Lab.
Brittany Regis, human resources assistant, Human Resources.
Bernardo Reis, postdoctoral associate, Mucida Lab.
Lisa Robinson, assistant general counsel, General Counsel.
Renata Rodrigues, visiting fellow, Goulianos Lab.
Aneta Rogoz, research assistant, Mucida Lab.
Michelle Romanick-Rodriguez, specialist, clinical and translational science communications, Hospital Medical Science.
Jordan RoseFigura, postdoctoral associate, Hang Lab.
Chelsea Rouson, laboratory helper, Media and Glassware Resource Center.
Tamara Rowe, assistant director, Child and Family Center.
Darren Ruane, visiting student, Steinman Lab.
Amanda Rubin, research assistant, Greengard Lab.
Avery Ryou, assistant waste manager, Lab Safety and Environmental Health.
Julia Sable, laboratory manager, Rice Lab.
Marie-Laure Schneider, foreign research intern, Shaham Lab.
Laura Seeholzer, research assistant, Vosshall Lab.
Michelle Seth-Smith, research assistant, Steinman Lab.
Yelena Shatalina, research specialist, Nussenzweig Lab.
Sonia Shirley, laboratory technician, Rice Lab.
Yevgeniy Sirotin, neuroscience fellow, White and Levy Center for Mind, Brain and Behavior.
Peter Smith, research assistant, Simon Lab.
Steven Soll, postdoctoral associate, Bieniasz Lab.
Christina Sorensen, research support assistant, Genomics Resource Center.
Marguerite Spellman, copy editor, Rockefeller University Press.
Kimberly Such, postdoctoral associate, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Marlowe Tessmer, scientific editor, Rockefeller University Press.
Stefanie Tignor, recruitment assistant, Hospital Medical Science.
Suzanne Tintle, visiting medical student, Krueger Lab.
Nima Tishbi, laboratory technician, Shaham Lab.
Ann Travers, assistant to the finance director, Rockefeller University Press.
Giraldina Trevejo, instructor in clinical investigation, Casanova Lab.
Boo Shan Tseng, postdoctoral associate, Funabiki Lab.
Christina Vanarthos, office administrator, Technology Transfer.
David Varon, visiting professor, Coller Lab.
Haley Vecchiarelli, research assistant, McEwen Lab.
Massimo Vergassola, visiting professor, Siggia Lab.
Uma Veturi, research assistant, Smogorzewska Lab.
Guillaume Vogt, postdoctoral associate, Casanova Lab.
Rosanna Volchok, laboratory administrator, Kreek Lab.
Qiong Wang, postdoctoral associate, Fischetti Lab.
Shu-Ping Wang, postdoctoral associate, Roeder Lab.
Malte Warncke, visiting student, Freiwald Lab.
Fredrik Wermeling, postdoctoral associate, Ravetch Lab.
Iddo Wernick, senior research associate, Program for the Human Environment.
Elizabeth Williams, executive editor JCB, Rockefeller University Press.
Pawel Wojcik, research assistant, White and Levy Center for Mind, Brain and Behavior.
Bryan Yipp, instructor in clinical investigation, Steinman Lab.
Ming Yu, postdoctoral associate, Roeder Lab.
Neeha Zaidi, visiting fellow, Steinman Lab.
Lori Zbytnuik, research assistant, Steinman Lab.
Li Zhang, research assistant, Steinman Lab.

This publication lists new hires, awards and promotions. Staff promotions are listed yearly; academic promotions and appointments are 
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