Nam-Hai Chua
, the Lawrence Bogorad Award for Excellence in Plant Biology Research from the American Society of Plant Biologists. Dr. Chua, Andrew W. Mellon Professor and head of the Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology, is honored for his development of fundamental tools essential to conducting molecular research in plants. The Bogorad Award is awarded biennially to a plant scientist whose work “both illuminates the present and suggests paths to enlighten the future.”

Titia de Lange, the G.H.A. Clowes Memorial Award from the American Association for Cancer Research. The Clowes Award is given annually to an individual with outstanding recent accomplishments in basic cancer research; it is jointly sponsored by the AACR and Eli Lilly and Company. Dr. de Lange is Leon Hess Professor and head of the Laboratory of Cell Biology and Genetics.

Elaine Fuchs, the Women in Cancer Research Charlotte Friend Memorial Lectureship
from the American Association for Cancer Research, in recognition of her work on molecular, biochemical and genetic mechanisms of skin stem cells. Dr. Fuchs, Rebecca C. Lancefield Professor, head of the Laboratory of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, delivered the lecture at the AACR’s annual meeting April 17 in Washington, D.C.

Mary Jeanne Kreek, an honorary degree from the University of Bologna in Italy, presented on April 21. Dr. Kreek is Patrick E. and Beatrice M. Haggerty Professor and head of the Laboratory of the Biology of Addictive Diseases.

Paul Nurse, an honorary degree from Amherst College, to be presented at their commencement on May 23. Dr. Nurse is president of the university and head of the Laboratory of Yeast Genetics and Cell Biology.

Donald W. Pfaff and Bruce S. McEwen, the 2010 Foundation Ipsen Neuronal Plasticity Prize, for studies on the “neuroendocrine control of behavior.” The French foundation presents the award to researchers who publish remarkable, pioneering studies. Drs. Pfaff and McEwen will share the prize with Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health. The award will be presented at the 7th Forum of European Neuroscience in Amsterdam on July 4. Dr. Pfaff is head of the Laboratory of Neurobiology and Behavior; Dr. McEwen is Alfred E. Mirsky Professor and head of the Harold and Margaret Milliken Hatch Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology.

Ralph M. Steinman, the 2010 Heineken Prize for Medicine, for his discovery of the dendritic cell and its role in the immune system. Awarded since 1989, the prize consists of a cash gift of $150,000 and a trophy featuring the Greek god of medicine, Aesculapius. Dr. Steinman is Henry G. Kunkel Professor and head of the Laboratory of Cellular Physiology and Immunology.

Leslie B. Vosshall
 and Paul Greengard, 2010 Dart/NYU awards. Dr. Vosshall, Robin Chemers Neustein Professor and head of the Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Behavior, is recognized with the NYU Biotechnology Alumnae Award for her work in elucidating the mechanism by which insects can detect carbon dioxide. Dr. Greengard, Vincent Astor Professor and head of the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular  Neuroscience, is recognized with the Dart Award for Applied Biotechnology, for research into new treatments for schizophrenia and sleep disorders associated with neurological disease. The Dart/NYU awards are supported by Dart Neuroscience LLC and are administered by the Biotechnology Study Center of NYU School of Medicine.

Promoted:(academic appointments):

Dragana Nesic, to senior research associate, Stebbins Lab.

Leslie B. Vosshall, to professor head of laboratory, Vosshall Lab.


Eric Anderson, executive assistant, Casanova Lab.

Erika Andrade, postdoctoral associate, Heintz Lab.

Christopher Arjune, animal technician, Heintz Lab.

Carlo Bajen, foreign research intern, Tuschl Lab.

Abide Balli, animal attendant, Comparative Bioscience Center.

Lucia Bernad Palomares, postdoctoral fellow, Chua Lab.

Amanda Breeding, office administrator, Technology Transfer.

Pil Joong Chung, postdoctoral fellow, Chua Lab.

Nidhi Gangadhar, postdoctoral associate, Steller Lab.

Manuel Garcia Garcia, postdoctoral associate, Freiwald Lab.

Allison Goff, laboratory technician, Vosshall Lab.

Emmanuelle Jordi, foreign research intern, Greengard Lab.

Rebecca Kelley, grants management specialist, Sponsored Research and Program Development.

Ko-Woon Lee, research associate, Greengard Lab.

Suqing Liu, research assistant, Greengard Lab.

Tony Luib, administrative assistant, Greengard Lab.

Carlton McCrory
, animal attendant, Comparative Bioscience Center.

Deepa Murali
, visiting scientist, Hatten Lab.

Melissa Noel
, postdoctoral associate, Strickland Lab.

Satoshi Okada
, postdoctoral associate, Casanova Lab.

Andrew Park, research assistant, Steinman Lab.

Stephane Pouzol, research assistant, Rice Lab.

Sara Renberg, visiting student, McEwen Lab.

Kathrin Schwinghammer, foreign research intern, Hang Lab.

Jayendra Shukla, postdoctoral associate, Konarska Lab.

Benoit Sorre, postdoctoral associate, Siggia Lab.

Jonette Suiter, administrative assistant, Brady Lab.

Hamidah Sultan
, research support assistant, High Throughput Screening Resource Center.

Anne Theisen, foreign research intern, Rice Lab.

Jason Williams, animal attendant, Comparative Bioscience Center.

Xiaodong Zhu, postdoctoral associate, Hatten Lab.

Michal Zimmermann, visiting student, de Lange Lab.

Elin Zingmark, visiting student, McEwen Lab

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