Current Issue: May 14, 2010

Library expands digital offerings

When publishers first began to offer digital content, electronic access was typically available for just slightly more than a print subscription. Today, according to university librarian Carol Feltes, subscribing to the electronic version is the standard. This spring, the Rita and Fritz Markus Library announces several new initiatives — including the availability of Kindle e-book readers — that Ms. Feltes hopes will provide the library’s users with better access to this ever-expanding digital universe.

Leslie Vosshall granted tenure

vosshall2The university’s Board of Trustees has granted tenure to Leslie B. Vosshall, head of the Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Behavior, and she has been promoted from associate professor to become the Robin Chemers Neustein Professor. The Board approved the promotion at its March 10 meeting.

Ted Scovell named new director of Science Outreach

scovell2Textbooks and Wikipedia are fine for facts, but to really learn science, you need access to a lab. In his new position as director of Rockefeller University’s Science Outreach Program, Ted Scovell, a former high school teacher himself, hopes to give new generations of young scientists access to the facilities — and mentors — that can take them well beyond dissecting frogs and earthworms. A Harvard University biology graduate and Rockefeller Outreach alumnus himself, Mr. Scovell joined the university February 1. He succeeds Bonnie Kaiser, who retired from the university last year.

Martin Rees is 2009 Lewis Thomas Prize winner

lewthomas2For as long as humans have gazed at the night sky, we have questioned our place in the universe and how and where it all began. Martin Rees, the celebrated British cosmologist and astrophysicist, has chronicled scientists’ speculations about the cosmos through seven volumes of popular science. On April 26, President Paul Nurse presented Dr. Rees with the 2009 Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science. The prize recognizes Dr. Rees’s 2000 publication Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces that Shape the Universe.



Nam-Hai Chua
, the Lawrence Bogorad Award for Excellence in Plant Biology Research from the American Society of Plant Biologists. Dr. Chua, Andrew W. Mellon Professor and head of the Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology, is honored for his development of fundamental tools essential to conducting molecular research in plants. The Bogorad Award is awarded biennially to a plant scientist whose work “both illuminates the present and suggests paths to enlighten the future.”