Michael Crickmore, Grand Prize in the 2009 GE & Science Prize for Young Life Scientists, an essay competition. Dr. Crickmore, a postdoctoral fellow in Leslie B. Vosshall’s Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Behavior, won for his essay titled “The Molecular Basis of Size Differences,” based on graduate work he completed at Columbia University.

Elaine Fuchs, a Distinguished Investigator Award from the Emerald Foundation. The award comes with $125,000 a year for two years in support of her laboratory’s research on stem cells. Dr. Fuchs is head of the Laboratory of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development.

Shai Shaham and Sreekanth H. Chalasani, 2009 Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists from the New York Academy of Sciences. Dr. Shaham, head of the Laboratory of Developmental Genetics, will receive $15,000, in addition to the $10,000 he received as a Blavatnik finalist in September. Dr. Chalasani, postdoctoral associate in Cori Bargmann’s Laboratory of Neural Circuits and Behavior, will receive $10,000, in addition to the $5,000 he received as a finalist. Created in 2007, the Blavatnik Awards were made possible by a grant from the Blavatnik Family Foundation and are administered by the New York Academy of Sciences. The awards were announced at the NYAS’ annual Science and the City gala November 16.

Sohail Tavazoie, a Young Investigator Award from the Emerald Foundation. The award provides $50,000 a year for three years and will fund a project titled “Dissecting the Mechanisms That Regulate the Expression of Human Metastasis Suppressor microRNAs.” Dr. Tavazoie is head of the Laboratory of Systems Cancer Biology.


Attalah Kappas, life member of the visiting committee to the division of biological sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine of The University of Chicago. Dr. Kappas, professor and physician in chief emeritus of Rockefeller University, is a Pritzker alumnus and a former member of the medical school faculty.


Joel E. Cohen, a book titled International Perspectives on the Goals of Universal Basic and Secondary Education, published by Routledge this month. The book focuses, from many diverse perspectives, on a single question: What do people want to accomplish through universal basic and secondary education? Dr. Cohen is head of the Laboratory of Populations.

Promoted (academic appointments):

Haiteng Deng, to research associate professor, Office of Academic Affairs.

André Hoelz, to research assistant professor, Blobel Lab.

Alexander Ploss, to research assistant professor, Rice Lab.

Anne Schaefer, to senior research associate, Greengard Lab.

Hong Wang, to senior research associate, Greengard Lab.


Darym Alden, research assistant, Brivanlou Lab.

Bryan Baxter, research assistant, Freiwald Lab.

Soren Beinke, visiting scientist, Tarakhovsky Lab.

Christine Borowski, executive editor, JEM, The Rockefeller University Press.

Miguel Brown, research assistant, Tuschl Lab.

Victoria Cabot, research assistant, Hudspeth Lab.

Diany Calderon, postdoctoral associate, Pfaff Lab.

Sue Chiu, project coordinator, Heintz Lab.

Robert Ciesielski, research associate, Goulianos Lab.

Sophie Cypowyj, postdoctoral associate, Casanova Lab.

Paul D’Agostino, postdoctoral associate, McEwen Lab.

Olof Dallner, postdoctoral fellow, Friedman Lab.

Matthew Degennaro, postdoctoral associate, Vosshall Lab.

Oliver Dreesen, visiting fellow, Papavasiliou Lab.

Terence Duarte, postdoctoral associate, Heintz Lab.

Filipp Esselborn, foreign research intern, Blobel Lab.

Stanley Fowler, security guard, Security.

Alejandra Gonzalez, animal health technician I, Comparative Bioscience Center.

Scott Gottlieb, member of the adjunct faculty, Coller Lab.

Dylan Hershkowitz, research assistant, Tavazoie Lab.

Ka Ying Hung, research assistant, Robert Darnell Lab.

Shigehiro Kawashima, postdoctoral fellow, Kapoor Lab.

Valeri Khoze, member of the adjunct faculty, Goulianos Lab.

Tim Lentini, research assistant, Krueger Lab.

Aliza Lloyd, research support associate, Flow Cytometry Resource Center.

Katherine Maloney, administrative assistant, Steinman Lab.

Fung Ying Man, research assistant, Tavazoie Lab.

Klaas Max, postdoctoral associate, Tuschl Lab.

Jack Merrin, postdoctoral associate, Libchaber Lab.

Spyridon Mylonas, research associate, Brivanlou Lab.

Rupa Ram, visiting student, Gadsby Lab.

Barrie Rich, visiting fellow, Simon Lab.

Yasuo Sakuma, member of the adjunct faculty, Pfaff Lab.

Ana Sastre-Perona, visiting student, Fuchs Lab.

Edward Scovell, member of the adjunct faculty, Coller Lab.

Mousumi Sengupta, data manager, Hospital Informatics.

Albert Shpuntoff, scientific educator, Hospital Informatics.

Guillermo Solovey, postdoctoral associate, Magnasco Lab.

Vikas Sonakya, computational biologist, Hospital Biostatistics.

Jonathan Tobin, member of the adjunct faculty, Coller Lab.

Jonathan Touboul, postdoctoral associate, Magnasco Lab.

Maya Woodbury, research assistant, Greengard Lab.

Matthew Wrobel, bioinformaticist, Hospital Informatics.

Liang Zhang, postdoctoral associate, Fuchs Lab.

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