Current Issue: February 20, 2009


Pearl Meister Greengard Prize awarded to three women scientists. The 2008 award goes to Elizabeth H. Blackburn of the University of California, San Francisco; Carol W. Greider of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; and Vicki Lundblad of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. These three scientists have made major contributions to the understanding of telomeres — special DNA structures that cap and protect chromosome ends. The award, given annually to one or more women in the biomedical sciences, will be presented Thursday, March 26 in Caspary Auditorium. For information or to RSVP, contact Amanda Martinez at x7728 or


Financial Crisis Update

I am writing to the university community to give you an update on how the worldwide economic situation is affecting Rockefeller. As you know, the global financial situation remains serious and the markets continue to be unstable. I last wrote to you in December, and I presented some information and answered questions at the “town hall” meeting on February 4. In this letter, a copy of which was also sent to the community via e-mail last week, I will summarize where we stand now. More

Visual neuroscientist named to Rockefeller’s faculty

Winrich Freiwald uses imaging techniques to study visual processing


Winrich FreiwaldWith every glance, the human eye collects the equivalent of several hundred megapixels of data and passes it to the brain for processing. Understanding what happens next — how our brains organize this piecemeal information to let us perceive entire objects — is the life’s work of Rockefeller University’s newest faculty member, Winrich Freiwald. A cognitive neuroscientist who uses imaging techniques to study the parts of the brain responsible for visual processing, Dr. Freiwald has been named assistant professor and head of the Laboratory of Neural Systems. He will come to the university next winter following a short sabbatical at the California Institute of Technology. More

Genetic epidemiologist named visiting professor


Laurent AbelLaurent Abel, a geneticist interested in infectious diseases, has been appointed a visiting professor and member of Jean-Laurent Casanova’s Laboratory of Human Genetics of Infectious Disease. Though he will continue to be based in France — his existing laboratory is at the Necker School of Medicine and University Paris Descartes — he will spend several weeks each year at Rockefeller University. More

Laureates on Exhibit

Rockefeller University's faculty membersLast fall, Caspary Hall was witness to a unique gathering. Ten of Rockefeller University’s current faculty members who are winners of the Albert Lasker Medical Research Award and/or the Nobel Prize came together to view the new exhibit in the lobby of Caspary Auditorium that gives a historical timeline of Rockefeller’s current and past Lasker and Nobel laureates. The scientists, whose awards stretch from 1974 to 2007, were recognized for wide-ranging achievements, from discoveries about how cells are organized to elucidation of how electrical signals are relayed in the nervous system to vaccine development for prevention of bacterial disease. More



Jesse H. Ausubel, an honorary doctoral degree from Dalhousie University in Canada. Mr. Ausubel, who is senior research associate and director of the Program for the Human Environment, will be presented with the degree at a ceremony on May 20. More