Current Issue: July 25, 2008

New fundraising goal set at $750 million


With $490 million raised toward its original $500 million campaign goal, the university’s Board of Trustees has decided to be 50 percent more ambitious. On June 4, they voted to add $250 million and two years to the Campaign for Collaborative Science, the fundraising initiative that will pay for the programs originally outlined in the university’s 2005 strategic plan. More

Archive center goes its own way


After 34 years as part of the university, The Rockefeller Archive Center, which catalogs and stores the university’s administrative and scientific records and also handles archival material from several other organizations and from the Rockefeller family, has become an independent organization.

Effective July 1, the university has transferred assets that have supported the center’s operations, including a $115 million endowment, art valued at $2.8 million and property in Sleepy Hollow, New York, appraised at $17 million, to a new nonprofit organization. The center’s 26 employees are also now on the archive center’s payroll. More

Clinical immunologist to join Rockefeller University


CasanovaIn September, pediatrician and immunologist Jean-Laurent Casanova will join the Rockefeller University faculty as professor of medicine and head of the Laboratory of Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases. The appointment of Dr. Casanova, who comes to Rockefeller from Hospital Necker for Sick Children in Paris, was approved by university trustees in June.

Dr. Casanova studies genetic mutations that predispose individuals to specific pathogens, and his findings have both challenged and brought together divergent theories in the field of immunology. With this unified conceptual framework, Dr. Casanova has provided experimental evidence for a new perspective of why some children get sick during the course of infection while others exposed to the same pathogen do not — work that has paved the way for the development of treatments. More

Tarun Kapoor and Mike Rout receive tenure promotions


The Rockefeller University will begin its fall semester with two newly tenured faculty members. The university’s Board of Trustees has approved promotions for Tarun Kapoor, head of the Laboratory of Chemistry and Cell Biology, and Michael P. Rout, head of the Laboratory of Cellular and Structural Biology. Both have been promoted from associate professor to professor. More



Laura A. Banaszynski, the Angelo Family Fellowship of the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. Dr. Banaszynski, postdoc in C. David Allis’s Laboratory of Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics, is investigating how histone modifications regulate gene expression and maintain genome stability, work that could have significant implications for cancer diagnosis and therapeutics. Dr. Banaszynski is one of 16 postodoctoral fellows named by the foundation this year. More