C. David Allis, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Merck Award, for contributions to the field of chromatin biology. The award will be presented at the Experimental Biology 2008 meeting in April in San Diego, California.
Nina V. Fedoroff (alumna), the 2006 National Medal of Science, for her work on plant molecular biology and for being the first to clone and characterize maize transposons. The award was presented by President George W. Bush at the White House on July 27.

Jeffrey M. Friedman, the 2007 Danone International Prize for Nutrition, for his research on the role of genetics and leptin in weight regulation. The award, which includes euro120,000 (about $163,000), was presented at the European Nutrition Conference in Paris on July 11.

Tarun Kapoor and Leslie B. Vosshall, finalists in the 2007 Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists, established by the New York Academy of Sciences to recognize those who have contributed to interdisciplinary research. Finalists each receive $5,000 in unrestricted funds. Five winners will be chosen at the academy’s annual Science and the City Gala on November 12.

Banker and philanthropist Howard P. Milstein has, with his family, donated $5.5 million to the university to create the Milstein Medical Research Program, to focus on improving understanding of the biology and progression of human melanoma. James G. Krueger heads the program’s research efforts.

Miklós Müller, the Order of Merit of Hungary, Officer’s Cross, from the Hungarian Republic. The award was officially announced on August 20, the Hungarian national holiday. Dr. Müller will accept it formally in Budapest in December.

Ralph M. Steinman, the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research, for the discovery of dendritic cells. The award, which includes $150,000, was presented at a luncheon ceremony at the Pierre Hotel in New York City September 28.

Promotions (academic appointments):

Lynn Dustin, from research assistant professor to research associate professor, Rice Lab.

Taesun Eom, from postdoctoral associate to research associate, Robert Darnell Lab.

Geraldine Guasch, from postdoctoral associate to research associate, Fuchs Lab.

Andre Hoelz, from postdoctoral fellow to research associate, Blobel Lab.

Deepti Jain, from postdoctoral associate to research associate, Darst Lab.

Francine Katz, from postdoctoral associate to research associate, O’Donnell Lab.

Andreas Keller, from postdoctoral associate to research associate, Vosshall Lab.

Benjamin Kwok, from postdoctoral fellow to research associate, Kapoor Lab.

Steve Lockless, from postdoctoral associate to research associate, Muir Lab.

Kevin McBride, from postdoctoral fellow to research associate, Nussenzweig Lab.

Nina Papavasiliou, to associate professor head of laboratory, Papavasiliou Lab.

Mirna Perez-Moreno, from postdoctoral associate to research associate, Fuchs Lab.

Joshua Rappoport, from postdoctoral fellow to research associate, Simon Lab.

Wendy Roberts, from postdoctoral associate to research associate, Robert Darnell Lab.

Jose Rodriguez, from postdoctoral associate to research associate, Steller Lab.

Pallavi Sachdev, from postdoctoral fellow to research associate, Sakmar Lab.

Promotions (staff appointments):

Huifen Feng, Heintz Laboratory, to transgenic core supervisor.

Bethany Francis, Archive Center, to assistant project archivist.

Yaw Kwaa, LARC, to LARC group leader.

Nicole LeBrasseur, The Rockefeller University Press, to Ph.D. news editor.

Martin Leidner, Information Technology, to project manager, chief information security officer.

Alexandra MacWade, The Rockefeller University Press, to production editor JEM.

Shane Murrell, Human Resources, to human resources associate.

Stephen Nelson, LARC, to LARC group leader.

Melissa Offenhartz, Hospital Nursing Administration, to director of nursing and patient care services.

Shauna O’Garro, The Rockefeller University Press, to assistant production editor.

Jennifer Peterson, Muir Laboratory, to laboratory administrator.

Clifton Phillips, Housing Scholars Residence, to doorperson.

Maureen Pollina, Hospital Nursing Outpatient, to nurse manager.

Alexa Pomales, Child and Family Center, to head teacher.

Marisol Rodriguez, LARC, to LARC supervisor.

Michael Rossner, The Rockefeller University Press, to executive director.

Pete Taylor, LARC, to LARC group leader.

Brian Treanor, Security, to sergeant.

Martha Vasquez, Hospital Bionutrition, to metabolic cook.

Patricia Wills-Abrahams, Planning and Construction, to administrative manager.

Ekaterina Zafranskaia, Gene Targeting Resource Center, to research support specialist.


Owen Albin, research assistant, Rice Lab.

Luz Alequin, bionutrition aide, Hospital Bionutrition.

Muayad Almahariq, research assistant, Heintz Lab.

Brandy Antonio, teacher, Child and Family Center.

Geoffrey Appelboom, postdoctoral associate, Greengard Lab.

Janice Ascano, postdoctoral associate, Roeder Lab.

Matthew Baron, research assistant, Greengard Lab.

Thania G. Benios, science writer, Communications and Public Affairs.

Debabrata Biswas, postdoctoral fellow, Roeder Lab.

Ellen Bradley, research assistant, Rice Lab.

Freddy Casado, porter, Housing Faculty House.

Sue Mei Cheah, research assistant, Greengard Lab.

Emily Chen, research assistant, Greengard Lab.

Ann Cheung, research assistant, Simon Lab.

Prerna Chopra, research assistant, Robert Darnell Lab.

Michael Crickmore, postdoctoral fellow, Vosshall Lab.

Erik Debler, postdoctoral fellow, Blobel Lab.

Stephanie Deroubaix, postdoctoral associate, Nussenzweig Lab.

Gregory M. Dillon, manuscript coordinator JEM, The Rockefeller University Press.

Theodore G. Drivas, research assistant, Blobel Lab.

John Earnheart, postdoctoral associate, Heintz Lab.

Narat Eungdamrong, postdoctoral associate, Krueger Lab.

Teresa Evering, instructor in clinical investigation, Ho Lab.

Stacy Fajardo, grants accountant, Finance Accounting Services.

Christopher Fiorese, research assistant, Steinman Lab.

Rachel Fleisher, research assistant, Kapoor Lab.

David Fooksman, visiting fellow, Nussenzweig Lab.

Jennifer Garrison, postdoctoral fellow, Bargmann Lab.

Betsy Gauthier, research assistant, Heintz Lab.

Cherise Gittens, accountant, Finance Controllers Office.

Pierre Guermonprez, research associate, Nussenzweig Lab.

Markus Hafner, postdoctoral associate, Tuschl Lab.

Sara Hakim, research assistant, Tuschl Lab.

Darlene Heller, administrative assistant, Investments.

Alison Hill, research assistant, Vosshall Lab.

Matthew Hamman Isakson, research assistant, Gilbert Lab.

Menachem Katz, postdoctoral associate, Shaham Lab.

Agnes Kim, research assistant, Leibowitz Lab.

Hee-Sook Kim, postdoctoral associate, George Cross Lab.

Jaehoon Kim, postdoctoral fellow, Roeder Lab.

Courtney Kluger, research assistant, Steinman Lab.

Zachary Knight, postdoctoral associate, Friedman Lab.

Hannah Knipple, research assistant, Kreek Lab.

Hyein Koh, research assistant, Steinman Lab.

Igor Kravets, instructor in clinical investigation, Kreek Lab.

Arnaud Lacoste, postdoctoral associate, Brivanlou Lab.

Lilly Lavner, research assistant, Konarska Lab.

Andrew Levine, research assistant, Fuchs Lab.

Peter Lewis, postdoctoral associate, Allis Lab.

Camille Lipari, teacher, Child and Family Center.

Kevin Lugo, electrical helper, Plant Operations Maintenance Shop.

Yang Luo, postdoctoral associate, Chait Lab.

Yaroslava A. (Jessy) Makeyeva, research assistant, Steinman Lab.

Abigail Maller, research assistant, Greengard Lab.

Bartholomew R. Mallio, information security analyst, Information Technology.

Vladimir Maynfeld, systems administration manager, Information Technology.

Katharine McCarthy, research assistant, McEwen Lab.

Laura McMullan, postdoctoral associate, Rice Lab.

Brady Messmer, research assistant, Münz Lab.

Erin Meyers, research assistant, Heintz Lab.

Aleksandra Mihailovic, research assistant, Tuschl Lab.

Ivonne Murillo, human resources assistant, Human Resources.

Patrick Nahirney, manager of electron microscopy, Bio-Imaging Resource Center.

Francisco Navarro Rivero, postdoctoral fellow, Nurse Lab.

Kristine Nograles, instructor in clinical investigation, Krueger Lab.

Daniel S. Oristian, research assistant, Fuchs Lab.

Ronal Palacios, porter, Housing Scholars Residence.

Evagelia Papadimas, research assistant, Young Lab.

Swaroop Pendyala, instructor in clinical investigation, Breslow Lab.

Summer Pierre, administrative assistant, Kapoor Lab.

Katherine Pierson, research assistant, Krueger Lab.

Manish Ponda, instructor in clinical investigation, Breslow Lab.

Pavan Kumar Puvvula, postdoctoral associate, Tuschl Lab.

Jinrong Qu, research assistant, Gotschlich Lab.

Ashley Erin Ray, clinical research nurse, Hospital Nursing Outpatient.

Neil Renwick, instructor in clinical investigation, Tuschl Lab.

Marc Ribo Panosa, visiting associate professor, Muir Lab.

Erica V. Rodriguez, clinical research nurse, Hospital Nursing Outpatient.

Jenny Rolef, research assistant, Robert Darnell Lab.

Jason Rothauser, copy editor, The Rockefeller University Press.

Anna Rothschild, research assistant, Ravetch Lab.

Heather Michelle Rozjabek, research assistant, Rice Lab.

Tamer Basel Shabaneh, research assistant, Ravetch Lab.

Michelle Sherman, Dean’s Office assistant, Dean’s Office.

Rachel Shively, research assistant, Fischetti Lab.

Elizabeth Stone, research assistant, Robert Darnell Lab.

Alexandros Strikoudis, research assistant, Papavasiliou Lab.

Ann Tang, postdoctoral associate, Steller Lab.

Elizabeth Thompson, associate editor JEM, The Rockefeller University Press.

Suyan Tian, biostatistician, Hospital Biostatistics.

Donna Tscherne, postdoctoral associate, Rice Lab.

Dawn Tsushima, clinical research nurse, Hospital Nursing Outpatient.

Bryce Turner, research assistant, Greengard Lab.

Jack Varon, research assistant, Kreek Lab.

Bei Wang, postdoctoral associate, Steinman Lab.

Daryll Wilson, research assistant, Heintz Lab.

Robert Wysocki, research assistant, Friedman Lab.

Han-Guang Yan, research assistant, Heintz Lab.

Wei-Ming Yu, postdoctoral associate, Strickland Lab.

Yuanyuan Zhang, research assistant, Greengard Lab.

Yanjiao Zhou, postdoctoral associate, Papavasiliou Lab.

This publication lists new hires, retirements, awards and promotions. Staff promotions are listed yearly; academic promotions and appointments are listed monthly.