Current Issue: October 5, 2007


Music room has new piano. Minor renovations made to the music room over the summer include the purchase of a new Kawai K6 upright piano, which replaces the damaged Steinway model previously available there. A Dampp-Chaser climate-control system has also been installed. The music room is accessible with a specially coded Rockefeller ID card, and the room can be reserved at For more information, contact Kacey Koeppel, 212-327-8971 or


’08 budget devotes record $183 million to research


Rockefeller’s operating budget this fiscal year has increased by 4.7 percent over last year but remains balanced, anticipating a modest surplus of $400,000 by the time the books close in June 2008. “Despite the projected loss of some federal grant revenue this year, the budget remains stable due to an increase in private grant awards and increased endowment spending,” says James Lapple, vice president for finance. “The university has also been able to increase its hard dollar support to the laboratories in excess of $4.5 million over the previous year.” More

Faculty recruitment update

As we begin our next academic year I thought it would be useful to update the university community about where we are with our ongoing efforts to recruit new faculty. As you know, for the last two years we have used an open recruitment process, in which all candidates are evaluated by a single committee of faculty. In its first year, this system led to the appointment of two tenure-track faculty members, Sean Brady and Howard Hang. Both of these excellent scientists have now established active laboratories in the third floor of the Rockefeller Research Building. More

Hospital to grant master’s degrees

The Center for Clinical and Translational Science begins degree program in clinical and translational research


In 2010, The Rockefeller University will include more than Ph.D.s among its alumni. As part of the plan established when Rockefeller received its first Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) from the National Institutes of Health, The Rockefeller University Hospital’s Clinical Scholars Program now serves as a vehicle for a three-year degree-track program in clinical and translational research. The endpoint: Rockefeller’s first master’s degrees. More

Patricia Rosenwald and Peter Grauer join Board of Trustees

Patricia Rosenwald and Peter Grauer join Board of Trustees


Patricia P. Rosenwald and Peter T. Grauer, familiar faces in New York philanthropy and business circles respectively, are the two newest faces of The Rockefeller University. Mrs. Rosenwald, alumna and former longtime trustee of Vassar College, was elected to the Rockefeller Board of Trustees in March. Mr. Grauer, chairman and president of Bloomberg LP, joined the Board in June.


Message in a bottleneck

Software bugs revealed during upgrades this summer caused unusual interruptions in e-mail service


The two Sun Microsystem servers that process and deliver the university’s e-mail look and perform a lot like any other desktop computer: a plastic box, a few fans, a processor, some memory. But they have an enormous workload: Together they handle over 400,000 new e-mail messages every day and store about 500 gigabytes of e-mail. The numbers are average for an operation this size, but they are 25 times higher than the figures from just six years ago. More



C. David Allis, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Merck Award, for contributions to the field of chromatin biology. The award will be presented at the Experimental Biology 2008 meeting in April in San Diego, California. More